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NK Cell Expansion Kit

Background Information

DSNK expansion kit can obtain more than 1 billion (1 x 10 ^ 9) NK cells in 2 weeks starting from 10 mL of blood. The NK cell purity ( CD3-CD56+%) is over 90% , and Cytotoxicity is about 80%.


Expand NK cells from peripheral blood / umbilical cord blood with high purity.

Competitive Advantages

  • No feeder cells required, no need to purify NK cells prior to expansion

  • NK cell amplifying fold > 3,000 folds

  • Purity of NK > 90 %

Product Details

  • Simple procedure, high expansion rate

  • TFDA  medical device approval

  • Partner(s) currently conducting clinical study for TFDA approval for autologous NK Cell Therapy  


Product Information


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